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Presenting the VariSoft In Vivo Tip Controllable Tapered Steerable Guide Wire for Interventional Cardiology

Providing in vivo variable tip shape, variable tip support and variable tip push.

From this day forward, the only guide wire your laboratory will require for coronary interventional procedures.

VariSoft is both an approach wire for reaching a lesion by torqueing the user formed tapered and curved tip to quickly and safely direct it to the lesion and then you may in vivo transform VariSoft into a crossing wire with a straightened lower profile .010" tapered tip that has enhanced rigidity and support for penetrating and supporting a catheter through the lesion.

VariSoft is simple to use, adaptable to your needs, reliable due to enhanced strength, very flexible and extremely safe, to allow you to accurately direct the catheter to and then through the lesion. In doing so, you will increase your efficiency by not having to exchange wires during the procedure and save the cost of having to use multiple wires.

VariSoft is a multifunctional steerable guide wire. A hybrid able to be transformed in-vivo for the ultimate in user control to become either an approach or a crossing wire.

Size: .014" tapered to .010" at the tip for lower profile and to concentrate push to a smaller area for greater penetration.

Length: 180cm with distal 35cm tapered spring and 2cm platinum tip. Entire distal spring may flex for maximum flexibility & safety.

Curve: May be set by user.  Dynamically variable in vivo from user-formed curve to straight with more push and greater support.

Tip Control: Dynamically variable in vivo from very soft to enhanced support. As safe as a very floppy .010" approach wire and more supportive than a standard .014" crossing wire with enhanced push and support using the DASH (Dual Actuating Steering Handle) to tension the tip.

Coating: Lubricious coating for excellent tracking.

Steering Handle: DASH (Dual Actuating Steering Handle) included with VariSoft and may be removed for catheter exchange.

Extension wire: Wire extension may be accomplished with the use of the WinMed extension wire, sold separately, utilizing the DASH handle for mechanical advantage to attach and detach the extension wire.



Ordering Information 

Catalog # WIN-14 VariSoft Guide Wire includes the DASH handle.

Catalog # WIN-14E VariSoft Extension Wire  available singly extends to double length wire.

To order contact WinMed,  or by Telephone 978 590-4246

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